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  • Monthly Newsletter
    A monthly publication issued by the Market Administrator containing data, graphics, maps, and narrative dealing with a variety of dairy issues. Topics may include information on a national and regional level or relate to Federal milk orders. (PDF)
  • Statistical Reports
    Compilations of information by month and marketing order of milk as it is marketed in Federal Order 126. The summaries includes historical data such as prices, producer milk pounds, class utilization, etc. (XLS)
    Also contains Statistical Summaries for FO 138.
  • Plant and Handler List
    A monthly listing of Distributing Plants, Supply Plants, and Cooperatives acting as Handlers, Producer Handlers, Partially Regulated Plants and Handlers/Plants that are Exempt from pooling status.
  • Marketing Area Maps
    County level color maps of the milk marketing areas by zone. Zone location price adjustments are also provided. (PDF)
  • Production Database
    This online milk production database contains historical and current information for Texas and New Mexico state milk marketings as well as Federal order 126 pooled milk production. The data can be queried by state and county for a month or for a year on all unrestricted producer information.

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